At Media City Garage, we understand that every customer and vehicle is different. Our technicians can provide you with expert knowledge of what your vehicle Manufacturer recommends you fit to your car in addition to recommended alternatives. We provide a range of brands from budget to premium to suit every individuals budget and needs. Simply type your Registration into our Tyre Search or enter your Tyre Size to see all tyres we have available for your car.

We stock a range of tyres:

  • Performance Tyres
    Performance tyres ensure grip (for safety) at the cost of durability so such car tyres have limited life.


  • All Weather Tyres
    You can call them ‘regular’ car tyres and they are the ones that your car comes fitted with (unless of course you have a high end model or larger light truck). This tyre works well under all moderate weather conditions and offers good balance between various factors like grip, braking response, tyre durability and noise levels. This is the recommended car tyre for most cars.


  • Wet/Mud/Snow/Ice Tyres
    These are vehicle tyres with specialised tread features to perform well (and safely) on varying surface conditions. The wet tyres’ treads are designed to efficiently displace surface water. The tread in mud tyres is large and chunky, so that mud falls away without getting impacted and affecting tyre performance. And snow and ice tyres are made of softer rubber with extra stripes in the tread for better grip.

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